Friday, December 11, 2015


It is amazing those times when there is 1 book in the free library and it is something I desire, a perfect thing. And that it happens so frequently. When I could spend an hour in a bookstore and not find something so great, and if I did would have to pay for it. Found this Calvino book this morning, while dropping Lucia off for school (which is around the corner from Free Library on 47th street), and it is full of essays on authors I care about by an author I care about. More importantly it has an essay about Balzac, an author my brother is currently obsessed with, so it will make a perfect Christmas gift for him. And giving is what is all about. The Free Library is about giving. And the spirit of giving loves giving gifts that are about giving. I mean really, how could you get caught up in mere matter Lucretius? (I'm currently reading The Swerve, which I got free from the Queens Library, and it is all about the revolutionary atheism of Lucretius.)

Anyway, thank you AGAIN free library.

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